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Telephone sessions and on-line internet sessions

I can contact you by phone or on-line internet at a previous arranged time; there is no additional cost for this service call. 
Now you can enjoy therapy from your home or office, without the time and aggravation of travel.

I have found internet and phone therapy to be as effective as face-to-face sessions. In fact, many clients find that they are able to relax and get more out of therapy by avoiding the stress of travel.

All services are provided in confidence. If you are seeking counselling for anxiety, stress, OCD, depression, relationship or sexual issues -  or you just want to get something 'off your chest', telephone and online therapy offers a simple, economic and convenient solution.

Whether the problems and challenges you face, telephone and online psychotherapy will provide you with professional support. You may wish to have a one off session, or long term therapy.

Click Here to download Skype, it only takes a minute and it is free!

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Payments accepted by paypal just contact me for details.